How You Can Take Care of Your Back Pain After a Car Accident in Nashville

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Aug 15, 2019 1:43:07 PM

Back pain after a car accident is a common problem that Chiropractors can treat. 

So, if you're experiencing back pain after an auto accident, you're not alone.

Chiropractic care is natural, safe, and long lasting leaving patients involved in car accidents with their bodies restored to their best form. 

If you are experiencing back pain due to a recent car accident, our team at Advanced Injury Care Clinic can help you recover physically and financially.

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How To Recover As Fast As Possible After A Car Accident

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Aug 9, 2019 2:38:46 PM

The physical trauma of an automobile accident can cause ongoing back pain, neck pain, and many other physical ailments.

It can put a hamper on your typical daily activities like running errands, doing your chores, and it can even prevent you from working.

Depending on the severity of your injuries after a car accident, it could take days, weeks, months, or even years to completely recover.

It's absolutely crucial that you listen to your body and allow yourself ample time to heal before engaging in strenuous activity or even returning to your regular daily routine.

Here are some of the most common car accident injuries.

Jumping back into your routine before you're ready can cause a relapse or reinjury, keeping you on the shelf even longer.

Luckily, there are things you can do to speed up your recovery.

We'll talk about a few of them below.

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How To Keep Your Back Healthy As You Age

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Jul 24, 2019 12:05:17 PM

It happens to the best of us.

Our hair greys if we're lucky enough to keep it.

We're not quite as fast as we used to be.

It takes us a little longer than usual to remember things.

We age.

It's inevitable; our clocks never stop ticking, and we all get older.

In the 1960s the average American woman lived to be 73 with the average male making it to 66.

These days we are all living longer, with women making it to 82 and most men making it to the ripe old age of 76.

Since we're living longer, most people also want those extra years to be healthy and productive.

It helps to regularly visit a back pain doctor too.

Nobody wants to spend their last days withering away in a nursing home, a shell of their former selves.

So we're doing all we can to maintain our health so we can enjoy our golden years.

One of our most fragile body parts, and the one that typically shows its age first is our backs.

As a collection of bones, discs, and muscles that keep us upright and moving, when our back is bad, it affects our entire bodies.

To maximize our chances of remaining active and mobile in our old age, there are a few things we should do to keep our backs healthy.

We'll talk about them below.

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Neck Pain And Its Main Causes

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Jul 23, 2019 3:07:59 PM

Your neck is part of a long flexible column, known as the spinal column or backbone.

Your spinal column extends through most of your body, and the region that makes up your neck is called the cervical spine.

The cervical spine consists of seven bones that are separated from one another by intervertebral discs.

The discs allow the spine to move freely and act as shock absorbers during activity.

Due to the complexity of the cervical spine, the odds are pretty high that it'll act up at some point during your life and cause neck pain.

Your neck pain might be a little soreness, or it could be a more intense pain making it tough to do simple things like turn your head.

There are many common causes of neck pain.

Fortunately, neck pain rarely leads to more serious problems, but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable.

In the article below, we'll talk about the most common reasons why you could be experiencing neck pain.

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Getting The Most Out Of Every Chiropractic Visit

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Jun 25, 2019 10:44:09 AM

Everyone knows chiropractors can treat back and neck pain.

But what about headaches? Fibromyalgia? Stress and anxiety?

How about weak immune systems?

Your chiropractor can treat all of those conditions as well.

Seeing your chiropractor is essential to continued health and wellness, and some people even argue it's the most important step you can take to obtain better health.

But you shouldn't leave your health and wellness up to your chiropractor. You should play an active role as well.

Many chiropractic patients don't do everything they should to get the most out of their sessions with their chiropractor.

If you're considering chiropractic care, or if you're already receiving treatments, there are certain things you should do to maximize the benefits of your treatment.

We'll discuss several of them below.

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Nashville Chiropractor Gives Tips On How To Naturally Reduce Your Back Pain

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Jun 24, 2019 3:55:48 PM

Back pain is a widespread problem, causing more disability worldwide than any other condition.

So, if you're experiencing back pain, you're not alone.

More than 80% of adults will experience some type of back pain at least once in their lives.

Here are 5 common causes of back pain.

Your back muscles and spine support most of your body's weight, so when you have back pain, it can affect your entire body.

Everyday movements like walking, running, sitting, and standing can be difficult if you're experiencing any pain in your back.

There are over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen that you can take to help ease the pain.

Unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all" approach to alleviating back pain.

For many people, it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what works best for them.

That could mean testing many different kinds of pain medications.

For people who don't want to put their body through the side effects that come with pain medications, there are natural remedies you can try.

In the article below, we will discuss some of the natural remedies for back pain that people have the most success with.

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What Are The Common Causes Of Neck Pain?

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Jun 19, 2019 10:21:15 AM

Neck pain is extremely common.

If you haven't had neck pain of some sort yet in life, consider yourself lucky. But, also realize the day will soon come when you suffer like the rest of us.

Neck pain can be caused by simple things like poor posture, that's why it's so common.

Leaning over your computer desk or hunching over a workbench is enough to induce neck pain.

Osteoarthritis is a very common cause of neck pain as well.

Neck pain is rarely a symptom of something more serious or an underlying issue.

However, you should seek medical care if your neck pain is accompanied by numbness or loss of strength in your arms or hands, or if you have shooting pain into your shoulder or down your arm.

Here you can learn more about our neck pain doctor.

If you don't have any of those symptoms, know that your neck pain is likely to go away with time. 

Medical intervention is rarely needed to treat neck pain.

They say the best treatment is prevention, so how can we prevent neck pain from happening?

The first step is to know what causes it.

In the article below, we'll take a look at some of the most common causes of neck pain.

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Chiropractic Care After Car Accidents - 7 Reasons Why It Works

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Jun 12, 2019 3:06:33 PM

In the U.S. alone, millions of people are injured in car accidents every year.

Injuries occur in many of these accidents, whether it's a minor bump or bruise, or a serious, long-term, debilitating injury.

If you're ever in a car accident, even if you aren't in immediate pain after the car accident, it's in your best interest to visit the chiropractor to get the help you need.

Because your adrenaline is pumping, you might not start feeling the injury for hours, days, or even weeks after the accident.

Going to a car accident chiropractor right away makes sure the injury doesn't get worse before it gets better.

No matter what your injury, your chiropractor can provide the necessary adjustments to help you on your path to recovery.

In the article below, we will find out why chiropractic care works to avoid any long-term injuries after a car accident.

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5 Common Causes Of Back Pain - Get The Facts & Treatment Options

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Jun 3, 2019 4:12:16 PM

If you suffer from back pain, you are hardly alone.

Four out of every five adults experience the symptoms of back pain at least once in their lifetime.

If you're the one in five, who doesn't, congratulations.

For the rest of us, though, we might be left wondering why.

It's because the back is a complex structure that is made up of 33 vertebrae, over 30 muscles, numerous ligaments, several joints, and intervertebral discs.

All of these structures have to function together to help you move and provide a stable foundation for your body.

If just one of the structures is injured or out of place, it can cause significant discomfort.

Fortunately, most people recover from back pain without ever realizing what happened.

When the pain lingers, though, discovering the underlying source of the pain can help guide your treatment.

Then, understanding what causes back pain is key to keeping it from coming back.

If you are experiencing persistent back pain, it's important to visit back pain doctors

In the article below, we'll look at five of the most common causes of back pain.

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The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on May 30, 2019 12:25:04 PM

Just about 3 million people are injured in car crashes every year.

And, if you have to commute to work every day, I bet you aren't surprised because you probably feel like you get stuck behind a car accident just about every day.

Most of the time, people can just pull off to the side of the road and wait for the police to arrive. Their injuries are no worse than a stubbed toe or a sprained ankle you'd get playing basketball.

They heal relatively quickly and don't require much medical intervention if they require any at all.

But other accidents can be much worse, even life-threatening. These are the accidents that leave you stranded on the interstate for hours trying to get to or from work.

The injuries people sustain in car accidents vary depending on numerous factors, including seat belt use, area of impact, speed, and whether or not the airbags deployed upon impact.

The injuries can also be broken down into two broad categories; impact injuries and penetrating injuries.

Impact injuries are caused when part of a person's body is slammed against the interior of the car upon impact.

Penetrating injuries are typically cuts and scrapes caused by glass or loose objects flying around inside of the car.

Related post: common soft tissue injuries after a car accident.

There are a few injuries that occur with frequency during car accidents, and in the article below, we will talk about seven of them.

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