How To Avoid Long-Term Cost Of Medical Care After A Car Accident

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Dec 23, 2020 10:22:41 AM

Many people don't know where to start after being involved in an auto accident.

Many people just want to be done with it, so they accept the first settlement offer their insurance company gives them without really pursuing any damages.

However, covering your immediate healthcare costs can leave you paying out of pocket for long-term expenses.

People often agree to a settlement before they completely understand the long-term repercussions of their accident.

Some medical conditions won't present themselves for days or weeks after the accident.

Here are some Delayed Car Accident Injury Symptoms To Pay Attention To.

The best way to avoid paying for long term medical costs after an accident is to seek immediate medical treatment no matter how you feel.

Insurance companies are much more likely to pay you what you deserve if a qualified Nashville car accident doctor properly documents your injuries.

Early medical care can also spot injuries that might not show symptoms yet. 

This allows you to start treating them right away and avoid any surprises down the road.

Insurance companies are in business to make money, so they want you to settle quickly for as little as possible.

You shouldn't accept the first settlement offer made by your insurance company, especially if you haven't seen a doctor or spoken to a personal injury attorney.

Your doctor will make sure you don't have any underlying injuries that will need long-term care.

It will be vital for you to understand how your injuries today can affect your long-term health.

Your personal injury attorney understands the nuances of car accident cases and will be able to help you get the settlement you deserve.

In the article below, we'll take a look at how you can avoid paying long-term medical costs after an auto accident.

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Do I Need To Call The Police After A Car Wreck?

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Oct 26, 2020 2:51:36 PM

Car accidents happen suddenly without warning.

They often leave people confused and unsure of what to do first.

This leads to some very common questions following vehicle accidents, even a minor car accident.

Unfortunately, like most everything else, there isn't always a clear cut answer to their questions.

Fortunately, many wrecks are little more than a minor inconvenience.

If you've been in a car accident it's important to contact a car accident doctor.

Maybe you backed into a mailbox leaving home, rear-ended someone in a parking lot, or accidentally jumped a curb.

Wrecks like these happen all the time, and they generally aren't much to worry about, so is it always necessary to call the police?

If your crash was so minor you can fix all the damages yourself, should you call the police?

It's not always safe to assume you don't need to call the police after an accident, no matter how minor it may be.

Sometimes it's even state law to contact emergency personnel.

In the article below, we will discuss why it is important to call the police after a car crash.

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How Long Will I Be Sore After A Car Accident?

Posted by Advanced Injury Care Clinic on Sep 18, 2020 2:31:57 PM

Even minor car accidents have been known to cause significant trauma to the body. 

Even after fender benders, most people can expect to experience soreness for a few days, even if they didn't suffer severe injuries like broken bones that sent them to the emergency room. 

Many people also ask themselves Do I need to call the police after a car wreck?

When the soreness appears, you want it to go away as soon as possible. 

So, how long should you expect to be sore after a car accident? 

When is it okay to expect a full recovery and have the ability to return to your regular activities? 

The answer to that question will vary from person to person and depends on your body and the extent of your injuries. 

In the article below, we will talk about how long you can expect to be sore after a car accident and what you can do to combat the soreness.

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